Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simply RAFishing

Hi from Portland everyone. Just poppin' on to say... the Fall 2013 Raf Simons collection for men is badass. I've been way into collars and sweaters and layering lately, mostly because it's freezing, and I'm going through an odd preppy phase. The retro pants are dope too. These are my four favorite looks:

(photos from




Flow Disruption said...

You're back! I've missed your posts! This collection looks gorgeous. I love the rich blue and green.

Prutha Raithatha said...

would date any body who would pull these looks off. soo rad!

Anna said...

Where are you?
you havwn been posting since last year??

anyway I came to tell you that I am running a giveaway in case you are interested

See you soon , right?

Anonymous said...

Crist1960 said...

like you blog!

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